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Thanksgiving is the Greek word “Eucharistia” (yoo-khar-is-tee-ah) –Thankfulness, gratitude; giving of thanks, thanksgiving. It got its origin from the Greek word “Eucharistos” – thankful for God’s grace (thanksgiving) –literally, ‘the giving of thanks for God’s grace’. It can also mean – gratitude; actively, grateful language (to God, as an act of worship). Jesus exhibited the act of thanksgiving to God during His earthly ministry. He always gave thanks to the Father with His disciple during feasts (see Luke 22:17). When Jesus was before the multitude

after sharing the Good News with them, His Disciples asked Him to send the crowd away but with the five loaves of bread and two fishes made available to him, He gave thanks; and it to multiplied (see Matt 15:36). Jesus gave thanks, when the news got to him that His friend Lazarus was dead. He wasn’t disturbed by it; in fact, He finished with all that He had to do before leaving to raise him back to life. He was in control of the situation.  When He got there, I love what He said; “Father I thank you that you have heard me… Lazarus, come out”. What a Saviour, no much grammar, just straight to the point.
There is power in your thanksgiving to God.  This is how we are to live here on earth; to be in control of every situation we are faced with. You are not fighting any battle anymore because everything has been settled by Christ. All you do as a Christian is to call them to reality! Jesus was never taken unaware, He was always in control. People are so carried away by their present situation that even their thanksgiving to God is half hearted.
Why worry when you can pray and you will receive direction. Apostle Paul through the Spirit in His letter to the Philippians, in chapter 4:4-7, he admonished the Christians to Rejoice always. Why do you think it is necessary to always be joyful? A person who is not joyful cannot have a thankful heart; he/she will not be in the right frame of mind. All that your heart will be occupied with is the problem at hand and it will take grace for you to consider that God is able to direct your path, because at that point in time all you are thinking about is “how can I solve this problem?” But the moment you switch to being joyful, even in that situation you will not be moved and you will be assured God’s presence. You will start receiving direction in your spirit, and you will begin to smile because you know you’ve got the answers.
In the latter part of that same Phil 4:7, it reads “AND the peace of God…will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus”. It all begins with REJOICING. When you don’t have the attitude of rejoicing, you won’t be able to perform the rest (PRAYER, PETITION AND THANKSGIVING). You may pray but you will not get or reach the full peak you are suppose to when you are with the right mindset. Also in 1 Thess 5: 16 “be joyful always”. He said ‘always’, no matter the circumstances that is at hand be it good or bad, because in doing so your heart is open for direction from God. When you maintain the attitude of rejoicing then thanksgiving will not be something you will be struggling with, it becomes an everyday habit in your life. Most people don’t see any reason to thank God because their current situation doesn’t seem like thanking God for, but just keep thanking Him and keep rejoicing. When Jesus came before the tomb of Lazarus he said “Father I thank you for you have heard me” He has not even prayed yet, but He was thankful to the Father because He knew it is settled matter and was sure Lazarus will be raised. We should see it in that light, whenever you come before the Father, thank Him because it is already a settled matter and start seeing the result by faith.

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  1. Yes that’s true. A heart of Thanksgiving not only opens door. it also builds in us the strength to endure and dwell on what we have rather than on what we don’t, making it easier for us to maximize and achieve results. Thanks for this great post.
    All the best and more!

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