Her Labour of Love

Dedicating this write up to a lady that has been of great encouragement to me and not just me but also to those who are in one way or the other related to her, it is not much of a big deal and will never be much of a burden to them or myself. I’m very sure that when you ask those who have in one way or the other had opportunity to discuss with her they will have something interesting to say about her that will blow your mind.


In my own way of appreciating this wonderful woman (Mrs. Chioma Emma- Nwachukwu) and announcing to the world how she has been much of great inspiration to me, I decided to write an article and like I said earlier, it is never too much. I have read, seen and come across women with a passion and a burning desire for the things of God. They are ready to go all length irrespective of what it will cost them. Some come with a message of healing, some come with a message of faith, others come with a message to the married, but she has come with a message to the teens, to prepare our teenagers for the future.

She has a burning desire and zeal for teenagers, to teach them the way to a brighter future in this day and time where a lot things are calling for the attention of our teenagers. Most teens in this century are too distracted, they go for everything, and it’s as if they don’t have magnitude or direction. This mighty woman of valour has taken it upon herself to restore order back to the life of our teens who are willing to be helped. She is just so committed to it that she has given her all to making sure that her God-given dream to raise teenagers with the GOVEX (Godliness, Virtue, Excellence) mindset come to pass and I must tell you her dreams are already coming to pass and I’m a product of her obedience to God.

I met Mrs. Chioma Emma- Nwanchukwu 2010 during one of her meetings, yes!, she holds meetings every Saturday for teenagers, where they spend time to pray, study the Word and also discuss issues relating to teens in general. Her meetings are always life changing and talent discovering that you will always look forward to the next meeting. When I was opportune to have a one-on-one meeting with her, I noticed that she is willing to listen to all that you have to say and ready to give you all the necessary support you need. She is a mother indeed.

Asides the weekly Saturday’s meeting she normally holds, she always holds an annually Teenager Summer Retreat popularly known has “TEESURE”. This camp meeting brings together teenagers from different parts of Lagos State, Nigeria. This is one of her major outreach to teenagers, where lives are been transformed, it is always an experience, and an encounter with God. Speakers from different fields come to speak to the teenagers on various topics and it has been awesome. The just concluded TEESURE 2015 was a success and a glorious one indeed, and the remarkable thing about it is that it is holding for the seventh times. If you are well acquainted with your biblical numbers, seven (7) signifies perfection. There are also other programs she has put in place – “Boys can we talk” and “Just for Ladies”.

The good thing is that she is putting every effort in making sure that these teens become the future Nigeria is waiting for. Just like what Apostle Paul said in Colossians 1:20 “to this end I labour, struggling with all His energy which so powerfully works in me”.
The interesting about living your purpose is that, God will not call you to do something and leave you to do it all by yourself, no. He equips us with everything necessary to fulfill that purpose. When I met her at her house after the last TEESURE camp meeting, she said to me “God has given us that grace to function at one capacity or the other, but where we will be getting it wrong is when we are not functioning according to that capacity”.
Everyone is known for something. Mother Theresa is known for her charitable deeds that has affected lives. Martin Luther King Jr. is known for the fight against racial discrimination, where the whites and blacks will live in one community. Nelson Mandela is known for the fight against apartheid in South Africa. And now Mrs. Chioma Emma- Nwachukwu is and will be known for something because the legacy she is leaving behind will always live on in the hearts of those she has influenced.
God will always remember and reward your labour of love.

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  1. ayo okusi

    I give God the glory for the wonderful movement in Lagos Having worked with children and teens for some years now in Ibadan I can gracefully say my life has been impacted positively, It is very encouraging to know that the hand of the Lord has rested on my Sister over there in Lagos too to assist teenagers fulfil destiny in Christ. I pray that the Almighty God who has called her will continue to strengthen her and bless her family and ministry in Jesus Name. Amen

  2. Onyinye Okoroafor

    I have known this wonderful woman for fifteen years. She is truly a child of God. I know when Polished Pillars started and how this selfless woman has worked tirelessly to make sure that teenagers are being brought up in the ways of the Lord. How she is doing this wonderful work which requires time and resources baffles me. Mrs Emma Nwachukwu is a source of inspiration. I pray the Lord keeps and upholds her as she continues this work which she knows is her calling.

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