True Humility

True humility is to find out what the Word of God says you can do and doing it. Saying or practicing the word the way is it written is not pride but the greatest humility that any Christian can express on earth.

To say otherwise is to deny the reality of all that God has done. Its actually a slap in God’s face. We are often quick to castigate Christians who declare their reality in the Word of God by saying that they are being proud.

The reason is that we (Christians) still look at ourselves as mere mortals but the word of God testifies otherwise. We are still looking at ourselves from the lens of the world, our family backgrounds, our shortcomings and fleshly weaknesses.

The truth however is that there’s no weakness or shortcoming in the human flesh or problem in the world caused by sin that the one great sacrifice of Jesus Christ did not take care of. He paid for it all ( for Sin and its effects).
So quit seeing yourself in view of the past but in the present reality of who God has man you in Christ Jesus.

You are forgiven, blessed, graced, prosperous, protected, healed and forever his child. That is true humility – Saying exactly what God said, just the way he said it.

Culled from Ademola Olayemi Aderibigbe

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