Citizens of Zion


Ephesians 6: 19 “Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of His household”.

Life is spiritual like it is always said. In other words, life begins from the spiritual realm, the realm that can’t be seen with the human eyes but through the eyes of faith we see it.

Do you know the life that you carry as a believer? It is the very life and nature of God, the life that is in the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. That is the very life you possess the moment you receive Jesus Christ. To be ignorant of this truth is tantamount to devastation. Most Christians are ignorant of the life that they carry today, that’s why certain things still happen to them, that’s the reason the devil will keeping tossing them around like ball, they are too ignorant of who they are in Christ, they less of these truth. They have this “it’s natural” syndrome. They accept everything that comes their way as “part of life”, “it is normal”. It’s foolishness to accept failure, negativity as “normal”.

I can’t imagine a Christian managing sickness to the extent that it has become a normal way of life. I was by name” href=”#86756369″> chatting with a lady and she said she was ill, she said “that’s how I always fall sick by this time every year”. I was winced when I heard that. I had to tell her to change such mind set. There are many others like this lady. They keep records and dates of recurring illness. Don’t you know what His Word says about you? That your body IS His temple, where God dwells sickness cannot stay, if you are still managing that sickness it’s time to put your faith to work. Speak to that body and see the power of God at work.

If you’ve been having issues with your health, it’s high time you faced it and command it to leave in the name of Jesus. You are now born of God; His life is what is functioning in you! God has taken abode in you by His Spirit, you are loaded with enough power to go through life, your body now belongs to God and there’s no room for the devil and his works. He has no say over your life, your future or anything that pertains to you because you are now separated unto God.

I love Jesus! When the Pharisees came challenging Him of testifying about Himself and that is testimony is not valid, He said “even if I testify on my behalf my testimony is valid, for I know where I came from and where I am going(see John 8:14). when people keep challenging you of been so ‘confident’ or ‘proud’ when they hear your confessions of what the Word says about, it’s because they are ignorant of the life they carry, don’t get bothered about what they are saying they are just been ignorant of the life they have received but you that is so conscious of it they see you as been proud. Just keep declaring it.

When I hear Christians talk sometimes I just wonder where is this person from. Because if you are from God then you have to speak God’s language concerning your life. If you have got a report from the doctor about your health, that’s the doctor’s language, do you hold on to it or you begin to speak God’s language of faith concerning your health? It doesn’t matter what the situation may seem like just keep declaring the Word over that circumstances be it your health, family, finances.

You are from God and anything that doesn’t bring glory to Him is not from God! Is there anything in your life that doesn’t bring glory to God? Start confessing the Word and you will see a change. In the book of 1 John 5:4 “for everyone that is born of God overcomes the World…” because we are from God, we are overcomes. We are not trying to win the battle we are already a winner in Christ, we are not trying to overcome, and we have already overcome in Christ. We do not fight for victory we fight from victory.

Because we are from God we are resting in the victory already given to us from God. It is only those who are conscious of where they are coming from and the life they have that can go through life victorious. Start speaking words of faith to every situation you are faced with, put your faith to work because the only way to grow in faith is putting your faith to work.

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