The Prodigal Daughter

Just like the famous biblical parable told by Jesus about the prodigal son, the son who decided to collect his portion of his father’s wealth and departed to a far country and squandered all that he had there and when the young man ran out of money, having starved for days without food, he returned home (see Luke 15: 11- 24). Which is something that makes this particular story of the prodigal son unique in contrast to what I’m writing about.

In this article I decided to do something similar to the story told by Jesus about the prodigal son. Luke 15 serves as a background for this article. I came up with some little adjustment that still reflect the life of a believer and his place in Christ. There are some key things I would like you to take note of. When you compare both stories you will see what I’m talking about, because what I will be sharing with you in this article is what has been holding some believers back from continuing in their walk with God and living triumphantly. Now please get this right, I’m not contradicting neither am I changing what has already been written in the bible, the bible is perfect and complete.

A wealthy man had two daughters and this man made sure he gave equal care and attention to them both, but the younger daughter was not satisfied with what she was getting from her father, so she requested for her portion of the father’s wealth and the father divided his riches and gave the younger daughter her share. The following day, the lady moved out of the house with great possessions and traveled to a far country and there she lavished all that she had on riotous living. This lady who had friends loitering all over her when she had much, but when she became broke they disserted her, they ran! Whose fault is that? She moved from pillar to post looking for daily bread but found none. Isn’t this lady amazing? When she had much she didn’t bother setting up something that she could fall back on later, but now that she is in need she needs a job desperately.

That is not where I’m heading to, just keep on reading…

She kept on wondering until the day she came back to herself and she said  “my father is a wealthy man and has more than enough to take care of my immediate need”, she continued “but I can’t go back to him, I have failed him and I’m not worthy to stand before him, I will just remain here” she refused returning home. This lady felt the impossibility of being accepted by the father. She was carried away by her guilt, and thought of returning back home as a no-no. But unlike the prodigal son in Luke 15 that still returned home after much struggle within himself and he was joyfully received by the father, but in this case the lady didn’t return home. The father waited anxiously every day, looking out through his window to see his daughter come back home but found her not.

Never forget the context at which Jesus gave that parable in Luke 15, He gave that parable to teach of the love of God towards His children and His readiness to accept us no matter how far we think we  might have gone in our misbehaviour. With this in mind let’s do a little application from what we have read about the prodigal daughter.

Don’t be quick to judge this lady because we were at one point or the other guilty of such acts, but thank God for His grace. One reason Jesus came to die for the sins of you and I is not just for us to be reconciled back to God but also for us to enjoy our new life, not just when we get to heaven but also while we are here on earth. He wants us to have victory and mastery over every works of the Devil.

The case of some believers today is similar to that of the prodigal daughter. They feel that they have gone too far in that bad habit and that God is so mad at them and the best they can do is to “stay far away from God” but that is a lie from the devil just to keep you away from God. God has already assured us that He will never leave us nor forsake us (see Hebrews 13:5) but can your mind comprehend that? It’s not for your mind but your spirit. You need to school your mind to believe this truth. Don’t ever think God will leave you even when you feel you have made your “biggest” mistake.

The devil is not happy knowing that you belong to God’s family and he will do everything possible to make sure he fights against you for that, but the good news is that God has given us victory over the devil through the finished work of Jesus. So walk in this truth of who you are in Christ and in His finished work for you through the cross, don’t allow the devil to put you again in that yoke of bondage so as to remain in the state of guilt and condemnation.

The reason why the devil bring feelings of guilt and condemnation to your mind is to keep you away from God. I could only imagine what would have been going on in the mind of that lady. The battle going on in her mind, when she thought of home, the devil must have filled her mind with images of an angry dad,  “after lavishing all your possession you want to go back home? Who does that?” all these where part of what affected that lady that made her stayed back.

The devil is good at accusing because that’s his job. Whenever the devil brings those feelings of guilt and condemnation, don’t focus on it but rather let your focus be on Jesus. I don’t know if you have found yourself in this position before but if you have and still there, remaining there is the worst thing you are doing to yourself.

God has not changed His mind about you, He has never stopped loving you and He will never stop loving you.

Therefore forgive yourself because He has forgiven you already and you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

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  1. teeldah

    Nyc comparison,a lot of christians still cnt forgive themselves of things dt they hv done in d past nd dis actually impedes their progress…thnx for d enlightenment,dis wuld really be of gr8 help

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