Fervent In Spirit

Romans 12: 11 “not lagging in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord”. 

Overtime I have had Christians walk up to me and they would be like “Moses, I don’t know what is happening to me, it’s as if I have lost connection with the Father, my spiritual life has gone down”.

I’m quite sure that there are some of you that have found yourself in that kind of a situation before. It looks as if you have never had anything to do with the Father before.

The first thing I always ask them is “when last did you have time for the Word and prayer?” for most of them, they can’t even remember the last time they even talked to the Father in prayer or even spent time with the Word.

You see, that’s where the problem emanates from. Let me say this real quick, you must never feel guilty or condemned for not studying the Word or even praying to God. Such feeling is not from God. God doesn’t inflict us with guilt and condemnation because we have not studied our Bible or even had time to pray.

It is the devil that brings those thoughts of condemnation and guilt to us. All you should be looking forward to is a longing to spend time with the Father. If you have had such feelings, you need to renew your mind. The devil wants to put you in that position of guilt and condemnation so you won’t have the boldness to even come before the Father.

1 Corinthians 1:9 makes us understand that God has called us into fellowship with His Son, and the Devil is not happy about that, so he tries as much as possible to bring a lot of activities our path, so as to keep us away from having time to fellowship with God.

And the truth is, a lot of persons have actually fallen for this. The devil understands the result of fellowshiping with God because he was once at that position but he has lost it. He brings a lot of activities our way and tries to convince us that we can always come to God when we are “free”, but the truth is that, we will never have a “free time”.

When this continues over a period of time, you begin to “feel” that you have lost connection with the Father. And at such time we become worried, we look for ways to “restore” fellowship with the Father. We lose our peace, we look for who we can share our experience with so as to “bring us back” to the Father. 

You know, times like this, such a fellow begins to study and pray by all means but from a heart full of unrest and so, they don’t get what God is saying to them. God doesn’t want us to get to such a point. He wants to see and hear from you on a daily basis.

You see, as believers we don’t lose fellowship with the Father. He is with you right now. Even when you think you just blew it, He is right there with you! You didn’t call yourself into fellowship with Him, He called you and He is faithful in keeping you blameless before Him (1 cor 1:8-9). John 14:16 “and I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Advocate to help you and be with you forever” please how long is FOREVER?

The reason why some persons are lagging in diligence or lacking in zeal as another translation puts it, is because they are not fervent in spirit, they are not fervent in spirit because they are not serving the Lord and they don’t understand what it means to serve the Lord because they have not grown in fellowship with the Lord.

One way to be fervent in spirit is by serving the Lord. To be fervent in spirit is just like what Paul told Timothy, that he should “fan into flame” the gift that is in him (see 2Tim 1:6).

You become fervent in spirit by serving the Lord and this has more to do than just going for church meetings. If it were by church meetings alone (especially on Sundays, because that’s when some folks “have time” to attend), then some persons would always be fervent! Serving the Lord goes beyond going for Church meetings.

One way you serve the Lord is by giving Him your time. I said earlier that the Devil brings a lot of activities your way so you don’t have time to fellowship with God. Most times these “activities” are distracters.

When you don’t have focus you find it hard to recognize distracters. A guy said to me that “a time will come when one will not have the time to pray or even study the Bible because of one’s job”. 

I told him, “whatever you have not trained yourself to have time for now, it will be difficult for you to have time for it in the future”. And that’s the situation of many believers today.

They get so entangled with their jobs that they hardly have time to pray or even study the Word. Why won’t such a person be lacking in zeal! And the way the world is right now, it is full of distractions and people barely have time for God. How can such a fellow grow spiritually? The New Birth is instant but spiritual maturity is not. It takes a period of time.



Spiritual maturity is not you imbibing the doctrines of your denomination.


If spiritual maturity could be attained that way then we would have a lot of matured believers. But it doesn’t come that way. 1peter 2:2 “as new born babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby”.

Where spiritual maturity takes place in the life of the believer is not in imbibing the do’s and don’ts of a denomination, it comes from the Word!

And you can’t grow up spiritually, if you don’t have time for the Word and prayer. This is the reason many are weak spiritually. They barely have time for what their lives depend on.

Give yourself wholly to the Word. Give yourself wholly to prayers and you will always be fervent in your spirit, never lacking in zeal and always full of the Spirit!

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  1. Ademola O.

    Great article. It really blessed me. Every Christian should read this because it’s a subject that affects every Christian.

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