It just like yesterday, how boys are gradually becoming men, how Ali who used to be a boy has now grown into adulthood and how ICE who used to feed on milk has transitioned into a man feeding on solid food. Just like how the Scriptures puts it that “solid food belongs to the mature”.

On this day unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given. On this day, friends, families, babe(s) and the list goes on and on, those who are taking their precious time to celebrate an icon of our day and time and one with many sides (good, bad and even ugly)…smiles

What do I think about ICE?

Hmm, this is a strong question sha… lol

One thing I know is that his wahala is too much. But he is fun to be with.
If he is the one to drive, I don’t like been in that car, jeez! He loves loud music and imagine him bouncing on the wheel of the car while driving as the music is playing.

It’s only ICE that piles up dirty clothes, waiting for someone to come help him wash and then strike a deal of tipping that person…smiles

I guess the combination of both sides of him makes it fun to be with him. He loves carrying family along. He puts the interest of the family first, yea, first.
He is caring, very caring.

Because it’s your birthday, several persons have something to say about you. Here are what some persons in the family thinks about ICE

“ICE, ICE, ICE. He is a great guy indeed. Full of life, love and joy. It’s been a great transition that has occurred in your life, watching how you transform from being a guy to a man. He is social, a fashionista and loves his family greatly”


“Uncle Emma is a funny, well dressed person. He cares about everyone and always want to socialize with the people in his family. At this age, he should be the leader of the next generation e.g. Blessing, Isaiah, Daniel, Annabelle etc. being a good role model to them. Happy birthday and God bless you”


“I love Emma so much, I call him my best cousin for the male, ‘cos he is so nice, cool, straight forward, lovely, he actually has a character that words can’t explain. Though we have our times of fighting, arguing. Emma is a person who love living life to the fullest and fun to be with. He loves meat a lot and he loves luxury life and it is always causing problems. But all the same, I care and love him so much. He is one of the best bro in the world. I also think that he should amend his ways in regards spending. Emma has a thing for “orobo” women, in short he loves anything called women…lol. Emma happy birthday darling, you will always be my best of the best”


“ICE is an influential person, who has a sense of responsibility over his younger once (siblings and cousins)”


“He is nice, makes a lot of sacrifices to ensure that other people around him are happy, sometimes he gets a little bossy. He is responsible and fun to be around. He likes enjoyment and good life, his greatest antidote is Obehi (his cousin)”


“ICE is a guy you want to be with all the time. He is a cool and loving guy. He is the only one that tells you how horrible you look when actually he meant to say you look down to earth. He is the only guy that gets something when returning back home or calls and say ‘Sarah, what’s your shoe size?’, and ask you to do his laundry in return. Nobody can be moody around him because he has a way of teasing you just to make you laugh. In a nutshell, ICE is the best brother ever. I love you to the moon and back. Happy birthday love”


“I think of him as a big brother. That person you have that can help you manage yourself in the time of need. Also the person that carries everyone along when he can. He brightens up situation and does a great job at managing them. He’s extremely resourceful and knowledgeable. He is a great person and I’m very happy to be his relative”


I’m sure you have something to say about ICE… You can drop yours here.

Happy Birthday ICE – Ijegbai Christian Erakhueme 

6 Responses

  1. ICE

    awwwwww! I’m so touched…I love you all and will always remain that big brother, no woman or friend can come in between us, BOND that can not be broken. Osato if I slap u ehnnnnnnnnnn.loooool who love Orobo, pls dont koba me oooo…nd u b Orobo sef…I Love u more. Erons you need Jesus…Ah dirty clothes, u wantu tell the world I cant wash…lol…pls lets strike a deal one last wash…Ohis, ohis bossy! me of humble servant…u can’t always be too soft you should know better. ..my MD has taught me enough, I love her….IZIEN…I will continue to be that big brother u can always come for anything, congratulations or ur plenty award. NECO was smiling while reading ur profile. Ohis is them Wole soyinka, Old generation Prof…U are taking Over…Sarah u know aw much u are my baby…my mama last bullet dat will always intimidate all my female friends… hMmm Hmmm Hmmm…you knw urself…the new Tara…House of Bella…you knw I love. God will make u shine brighter than d sun, moon nd stars. Dani Bobo…the baby the House…thank you so much…Thank God Daniel Nere, Annabelle nd David are now the baby of the Family…u are now a grown man…no more regular hotdog…Fullyloaded…lol. na play I dey ooo…IFY see me behind close door…dealdey.lol

    1. ICE

      Ah kaylay u don reach herw…lol thanks dearie. I’m not dat controversial looool …I only don’t like people trying to figure out what’s not there…thanks dear

  2. Toyoosi Olabode

    He’s not entirely a naughty person, he’s fun to be with, he can be nice and understanding. He’s been a friend and colleague, when the head is intact he’s cool but when one bolt is loose, then he can be naughty and shout for Africa. Emmanuel I’ll miss you, I enjoyed the time we spent at the office, the lunch we fight on its sharing portion, the gist and all. I wish you the best life has to offer.

    1. ICE

      ah Toyo…lol even you? You wantu tell the world that I love food abi? loool oya continue…I will not miss you because you’ve become family …if I don’t shout on some staff who will? you knw how difficult it is in managing people… God will take you to a higher ground as you continue in your road to success.

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