Understanding the Purpose of Singleness (III)

In the last part of this topic, I will be discussing the last two purposes of singleness in continuation from my previous posts. If you haven’t read it, please check my site for the article. It will bless your life and transform your mind. These two purposes I’m about to share with you are vital and very significant.

The purpose of singleness is to discover, build and establish yourself in your purpose

The purpose of singleness is to live a life of purpose as your focus. Now is the time to discover, build and establish yourself in your God-given purpose. It is at this point in a man’s life that one gets to build to a reasonable extent that which they have committed their lives to. Jesus at the age of twelve spent three more days at the temple listening and asking questions. For some persons, if the service elongates more than usual they are already complaining and murmuring. Those who heard Jesus at the age of twelve were amazed at his understanding and his answers (see Lk 2:47). At that age, Jesus already knew what He came to do. He said to His parents “why were you searching for me?” he asked. “didn’t you know that I had to be in my Father’s house?”. (v.49). It seems like the parents had forgotten what He came to or could it be that they were been overprotective that they lost memory of what He came to do, so He needed to remind them.

Once you have discovered your purpose, the next step is to begin to build and establish yourself in that vision. The period of singleness is the time to immerse yourself in that which you have been called to do, that which your life depends on. In establishing yourself in that God-given purpose of yours, I’m talking about getting rooted and grounded in that vision. Prov. 22:29 “do you see people skilled in their work? They will work for kings, not for ordinary people” (NCV). Give yourself wholly to that vision, that dream. It may look as if nothing is happening but persistence and consistency matter a lot. Every vision that has grown big today started small. Despise not your little beginning, just keep doing that which you are doing and in due season you will see the fruit thereof.

The purpose of singleness is to help discern a life partner.

Some persons may wonder how is discerning a life partner be one of the purposes of singleness. Well, you better consider it so if you don’t want to live the rest of your life in regrets. In as much as you are purpose driven, you must be diligent in discerning a life partner. The truth is that not every guy or lady you see can fit into that plan you have. Frustration sets in when we bring on board someone who never desires to go the direction in which you are heading.

It is termed ‘life partner’ because both individuals are going to be partnering together for life in making sure that the vision continues to strive and progress is being made. Your spouse should be your number one partner. You might have started the vision before she came on board, that doesn’t matter. In as much as she is now on the scene, she should be considered so. The same goes also for the ladies, your husband should be your number one partner in that vision of yours. He should be bought completely over into it. The purpose of singleness is to help discern a life partner because you have been able to discover what you should be doing and are currently active on it, that gives you an insight into the person you think that can partner with you for the rest of your life in helping each other grow the vision. Habakkuk 2:2 then the Lord answered and said: “write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it”. It is not all ladies or guys that will be willing to run with you after you have presented your blueprint. But there is this one person that will be willing to partner with you. It is in the period of singleness that you discern that person. When you have a blueprint of your vision on the ground, when your spouse comes on board there will be something to run with.

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