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Moses R. Eromose’s Life as a Teenager (the foundation), LAAT as it is commonly expressed can be said to be an outlet to the author and the public and a hunting ground for believers with a desire to have a better understanding of their life walk with Christ.

Life as a teenager as described by Ademola Olayemi in his introduction stands to be a “book that will serve as a guide to both parents and their teenagers in these perilous times of uncertainties and overwhelming distractions. The parents will be shown their responsibilities in training up their children and the teenagers will be shown how to take charge of their lives so that the plan and purpose of God for their lives can be achieved by living a life purpose, godliness, personal development, and responsibility”. Moses R. Eromose been a youth himself and having passed through some experiences narrated in his book seeks to point out the shortcomings in parenting which one way or another is detrimental to a child’s life in the section WHEN PARENTS ARE ABSENT.

The format of the book is simple. The book is divided into eight (8) parts: an introduction followed by seven (7) topics. In the course of travel through the book, you will notice brief nuggets or quotes which prepares the reader on his expectation for the next chapter. The book is packed with over 16 quotations and references from the Bible. The book is composed of 49 pages, 7958 words, 35858 characters finished in 802 lines.

There are many positive aspects to this book. “Your fellowship with God, which comprises a time of Bible study and prayer, goes beyond the devotional and the Sunday meetings”. The Author proves to have a good understanding of the power of the grace of God in Christ Jesus in whom our faith as Christians should be completely and seeks to pass that knowledge and understanding to young teenagers and youths and the necessity of Good, consistent, healthy fellowship with God.


The author asserts that a believing teenager understands his true purpose when he shifts his focus from himself and starts fixing his eyes on Him. “Him” with a capital ‘H’ represents divinity in the person of Christ.


The author aims this book at two distinct audiences – Christian Parents and believing teenagers. He shows that he is writing to parents to be assiduous and sedulous in their duty in setting the right foundation for every child as commanded by the word of God in Prov. 22:6. “If life is all about giving up because there are no parents around then there will be no Eleanor Roosevelt, no Ray Charles and a host of others. The author points this out to young ones whose excuses for misconduct is the fact that they have no parental guidance for whatever reason and seeks to raise the consciousness of every teenager out there to a life if Godliness, responsibility and personal development.

The Gospel

In page 22, we see the Author narrates his experience with a young man who loved God but wasn’t sure of his right as a believer, how he helped him understands and in page 23, creating awareness in the mind of another young man about the importance of fellowship with God who afterwards got filled with the Holy Spirit, … “you could also delve into the realities of all that God has destined for you in His Son Christ Jesus”. The Author encourages young people to manifest in the Grace of God through Christ Jesus.

Bible use

We have stated that the Author used over 16 bible verses in his book. We will notice the author quotes Prov. 22:6 at several areas of the book and stating in parenthesis “emphasis added” for clarity though not stating specifically the translations used but I feel the Author’s Bible use was okay to buttress on the subject using Biblical explanations.

Sources cited

The major source cited in this book is the Bible which rightly should be our number one guide to knowing God and understanding His principles as Believers.


This book contains valuable teachings which guide teenagers on how to leave a life of Godliness, responsibilities and Personal development, quality friends and also serves as a guide to help teens understand their true purpose in Christ and fulfillment of their purpose. I have learned a lot reading this book and recommend this book to every teenager, growing youths, and adults who seek to have a purposeful life for themselves as well as their children.

I look forward to more great books from the Author.

Book Reviewed by:

Igaga Akhere Paul

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