The One For Me


I have heard people make statements like “there is this one-person God created for me to marry”. I have heard statements like God showed me that you are my wife/husband. Well, this is, particularly to our gentlemen. I just want to say some few things concerning this.

For the fact that God showed you a lady and told you that she’s your wife, DOESN’T mean that both of you will/must end up together as husband and wife. In as much as there is a human will involve in it, that lady in question you claimed that God has shown you that she is your wife can either accept or reject that offer and God won’t hold her responsible for it, except God speaks to her concerning it in whichever way He chooses to speak to her.

You must understand that as a man on a journey with a purpose, God’s plan and purpose for your life is by far greater and too important to be tied around just one woman out of the hundreds of million women in the world today. If as you claim that she is the one for you and she refuses to be the one for you, does that now mean that God’s plan and purpose for your life will be put on hold? You are looking for a woman who can help you/partner with you in your God-given purpose and she refuses, her refusal doesn’t and shouldn’t hinder God’s work in your life. There are other women out there who can fit in into that purpose.

The human will is very powerful. Before God can do a work here in this earth realm, He needs the corporation of a human will before He can carry out His plan. God never forces His will on us, how much more you. And there are some guys, the lady has refused, she rejected your proposal, you are still pestering her life! The energy you expend trying to convince someone whose mind has already been made up can be channeled to continuing your search. Smiles.

When Abraham wanted to get a wife for his son Isaac, he asked his servants to go to his hometown to get a wife and the servant asked one very important question what if the woman is unwilling to come back with me to this land? Then Abraham told the servant if the woman is unwilling to come back with you, then you are released from this oath of mine. The oath Abraham was talking about was that the servant shouldn’t get a wife for Isaac among the Canaanites (See Gen 24:3-8, emphasis added).  But thanks be unto God, the lady was willing to follow the servant (See Gen 24:58). As much as Abraham wanted a wife for his son from his hometown, he still needed the will of that woman.

There are enough truths on God’s Word laid down for us on how to choose a spouse. I’m not saying that God can’t reveal to you such a matter, but the wisdom to go about it is very important. You need to be guided from God’s Word on such matter. You don’t have to tell the lady that “God showed me that you are my wife”. Some guys think that they when they say so, the lady won’t fail to accept their proposal. If that’s the case then that’s deception and you need to set your mind straight. If your proposal is rejected then move on, God’s purpose must continue.

Be guided.


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